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A.B. Mechanical specializes in residential projects, from new home construction (heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning) to highly specialized jobs such as the installation of Electric Thermal Storage Heating Systems, In-Floor Heating and Heat Pumps. Our firm partners with several companies throughout the

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country to ensure quality end-results for every specialized residential job.

Our heat pumps absorb natural warmth from outside air and gently distributes it throughout your home in the winter, while keeping your house cool and comfortable during hot summer months. We are certified to install Nova Scotia Power’s heat pump systems. Various financing options are available through Nova Scotia Power. For more information on the cost efficiencies and other benefits of heat pumps, go to Nova Scotia Power's Website

We are also a certified Nova Scotia Power installer of Electric Thermal Storage Heating Systems. Electric Thermal Storage or ETS, is the technology of storing electricity during off-peak hours when costs are substantially lower and then converting that electricity into heat which is then stored in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks located inside the unit and dispersed during the day as heat is required. For more information on the benefits and savings of ETS Systems go to the manufacturers website, Steffes Corporation.

In-floor heating is another area of expertise for our company. We have factory-trained installers working with us for the installation and servicing of radiant heating. Our number one supplier of high quality and complete radiant heating systems is Uponor Company. For complete information and benefits of radiant floor heating go to uponor.ca.

A.B. Mechanical is proud to service what we install. Our team of service personnel is available to provide prompt and reliable residential service.