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AB Mechanical Limited operates a fully equipped welding shop just twenty minutes east of the Heavy Industrial Park of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.


Major clientelle being StoraEnso PH, Nova Scotia Power, Federal Gypsum, Exxon Mobil Gas Fractionation Plant, Statia Terminals/Valero to name a few.


A description of our facility


1 ) Shops

             - Main Fab Shop 120 x 50

             - Duplex/Stainless Shop 50 x 50

             - Several Acres of outdoor Storage/laydown


2 ) Material Handling Equipment

- Main Shop  2 ton Monorail x 150 feet

- Jib cranes 1.5 ton x 12 feet, five serve the ten welding stations

- 5000 lb forklift moves materials to and from laydown areas

- Cranes available in short notice for heavier lifts


3 ) Material Preparation

             - Plasma and Oxy-Acetylene Bevel Machines up to 36 inch diameter

             - Manual and air operated

             - Cut off Saws up to 20 inch

             - Oxy-Acet. / Plasma Track Beveler

             - Radial Arm Drill Press

             - Bearing Press

             - Compressor with air dryer system


 4 ) Welding Equipment

             - Eight 300 amp tig /stick weld machines

             - Three 400 amp tig /mig /stick machines

             - 2 Mobile units 400 amp Diesels

             - 2 Aluminum High Frequency for Tig and Mig


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 Welding stations are equipped with SMAW, GTAW and GMAW capabilities, as well as the GTAW, GMAW Aluminum. All of our welding procedures are Registered with the NS DOEL.


The fabrication shops are segregated for Stainless and Duplex, main shop is for Carbon Steel.