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AB Mechanical Limited operates a fully equipped sheet metal shop just minutes from the Sydport Industrial Park in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Our Sydney fabrication shop is located directly behind our offices at 35 Rudderham Road, Point Edward, Nova Scotia.


Our shop is kept busy supplying all our commercial and industrial projects with custom fabricated ductwork to satisfy specifications from the work we bid on a regular basis. Our fabrication team processes approximately 120,000 pounds of metal in the course of a typical year. Our shop specializes in all types of fabrication, from standard ductwork to custom orders


Besides filling orders for our project division we also do a lot of private and custom orders. Some of these include fabricating stainless countertops, stainless backsplashes, roof flashing, custom drain pans, custom shelving for service vehicles, and exhaust ductwork for residential, commercial, or industrial projects.  Specialty fabrication can be done at our shop for any of your project requirements.


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We have recently completed a major upgrade of modern equipment and technology at our shop. This modernization has helped increase productivity and storage and has allowed us to remain a leader in sheet metal fabrication in industrial Cape Breton.




- 6,000 square foot shop

- Storage shop


Major Equipment:

- Vulcan SP510 Plasma Cutting System

- Engel TDF roll former

- Brake press

- Spot Welder

- Shop Master

- 14 Gauge Rollers

- Welding equipment (Tig and Mig)

- Layout Table

- Various other pieces of equipment